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Did you know that scientists agree, that we do not have a true understanding of the full potential of the brain’s power? That then means there is a lot more untapped potential in all our brains, including our children’s that we are simply unaware of. As such, the possibilities are endless when it comes to what we all are truly capable of doing!

While we may not know our full potential, the good news is science has provided us with quite a bit of knowledge on just how powerful our brains are. As a result, we can use this knowledge to better our lives and the lives of our children, to ultimately be happy and healthy. So, what do we know and how is it helpful?


With the latest advancements in science, we now know that our brains have the ability to be programmed and reprogrammed. In fact, children for the first 7-8 years of their lives are simply programming their brains, as they observe and interact with the environment around them. They learn by watching, copying, and ultimately habituating to a way of life. This programming takes place in the brain as neurological circuits are created in the brain each time a child learns something new.

The good news is that the brain can in fact be programmed with information, which means that children have the ability to grow and develop the tools and skills to live a happy life. The information that is learned becomes embedded in the brain and forms the subconscious mind. The subconscious is responsible for 95% of our behavior, and is often referred to as our auto-pilot. Therefore, children can learn the behaviors necessary to navigate life in a happy and healthy manner!


Scientific advancements in the field of neuroplasticity have provided us with information on just how malleable our brains really are. As it turns out, the brain can be reprogrammed and rewired neurologically to create new subconscious behaviors. The manner in which this happens is as such. Each time your brain has a thought a specific neurological pathway or circuit is activated. The more that specific neurological pathway or circuit is activated, the more deeply embedded it becomes. The more deeply embedded it becomes, the more ingrained and ultimately a part of your subconscious mind it becomes.

As a result, the inverse holds true as well. When you do not activate specific neurological pathways over a period of time, they become less embedded in the brain. As they become less embedded in the brain, they began to fade away and no longer are an integral part of the subconscious mind. All of this is possible due to something called neural growth factor, which is an adhesive or a glue in the brain. This adhesive is what embeds the neurological circuits deeply into the brain creating the subconscious mind. Given that there is only a limited amount of neurological growth factor within our brains, it is constantly being used for those neurological pathways that are consistently activated. For those that are not activated, they lose any neurological growth factor they may have had and it goes to those neurological circuits that are activated.


So now that we know our brains can be programmed or reprogrammed, we can begin to look for the programs that help us utilize higher levels of potential in our brains. More specifically we can help our children learn how to use greater potentials of their brains. So what are some of the programs we want to instill within our children?

First and foremost, we always want to do our best to cultivate a growth mindset within our children. A growth mindset simply refers to a child with a mindset or a perspective that they are capable to do or be anything they desire. They will undoubtedly face challenges and obstacles on the path to achieving their goals, but they are welcoming of those obstacles and challenges. They also see any struggles or difficulty as part of the journey to ultimately experiencing achievement. As such they become resilient and persistent towards their goals. When there are moments of failure, they will view that failure as an opportunity to learn. They will learn things such as how they could do it differently, what new approaches they could try, what they could learn from others who have succeeded, and what they know does not work. As a result children program themselves from a young age to believe in their infinite potential and their ability to grow and develop. They do not believe they are limited or fixed in terms of what they are capable of achieving.

Second, it is important for children to always program themselves to love themselves. Learning to believe that they not only are capable of achievement, but also deserving of love and respect allow children to develop a healthy level of confidence from within. By realizing that they have the tools and skills within them to do or be anything they desire that makes them happy, children begin to believe in their ability. By learning that they are worthy and capable of feeling good from within, children begin to love themselves. In both instances the process is similar. Children have to learn to believe they are capable, they are deserving, and ultimately that they can feel good from within. As children fall in love with themselves and who they are, they began to experience the world in a different manner as they set out to continue this feeling from within and to share it with others.

Lastly, it is important that all children are programmed to dream. It is not simply enough to have goals and dreams, but it is equally important for them to feel that they are capable and deserving to have these goals and dreams. By instilling a growth mindset in your child, and having them learn to love themselves, they in turn begin to discover what their goals and dreams from then really are. As a result, they begin to feel great about these goals, and they get excited at the prospect of trying to achieve them.

As parents we all strive for our children to live happy and fulfilling lives. We want them to experience all that life has to offer and reach their full potential. Luckily they have a tool within them with so much untapped potential, that they truly can do or be anything they desire. What more can be fulfilling as a parent than to see your child pursue their goals and dreams and ultimately find happiness?


Rachna Patel is the founder of OH-KS Corporation, a company that creates one-of-a-kind programs and materials, to help children ultimately become happy, healthy, confident, have a strong growth mindset, and so much more. To learn more about the latest products from OH-KS, you can visit their website at www.OH-KS.com

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Join the OH-KS Community today and begin to receive your free power ups!

Get Your Free "Yoga With Your OH-KS Buddies" eBook Today!