OH-KS Corporation

Inspired by Kids, Made by Parents.

Rachna is a passionate mother of two beautiful children, Ashna and Shaan. She has a doctorate degree in Pharmacy from the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. She holds licenses to practice pharmacy in both the United States and Canada. Rachna is an avid reader, who loves to spend her free time with her children and husband. When she’s not working out, furthering her personal development, working on creating tools for OH-KS, or running around with her children, she enjoys curling up and watching a good show. 

I have a passion for the latest research in self-development. As a result, I acquired a tremendous amount of knowledge, and I have had wonderful experiences thus far. Like most other parents, I knew in my heart, that I wanted my children to live a happy and healthy life. This was the beginning of my journey to teach my children how to feel good.

We as adults know that when we are not feeling good, we are not motivated to do anything. This became apparent in my children as well, when they were not feeling good. I saw they lacked the motivation, enthusiasm, and confidence in their learning and their other activities.

This inspired me to create a company that focuses on providing children with fun and interactive tools to teach them how and why to feel good. It is my goal that children get to live their happily ever after. The first step in writing their story starts with falling in love with themselves. 

I am grateful to be witnessing this magical transformation with my two children every day. I cannot wait to hear about your child’s magical journey as well!

With Love,

Rachna Patel
Founder of OH-KS Corporation