There is a lot of excitement around the benefits of a growth mindset, gratitude, mindfulness, and a positive attitude. We too are excited about these benefits, which is why the OH-KS Power Up Your Magic program, utilizes these tools and more. Ultimately your child will become happier, healthier, confident, and be empowered with a strong self-image. 

OH-KS created a one-of-a-kind program, that utilizes unique lovable characters that will guide your child’s magical journey. As your child begins to understand the magic within, they will learn to not only love themselves, but their new friends as well. This fun and interactive program will provide your children with new material on each page, that will have them excited to learn more. 

You can rest peacefully knowing that the program is deeply rooted in scientific principles and research. These methods have been proven by the latest research, and you and your child will see the long-term benefits. 

The magical journey does not end with just the program itself. You and your child will have access to the free OH-KS Community, where you can interact directly with the company and other parents just like you. It is important that you know you and your child are not alone on this journey.  Along with resources for parents, your child’s OH-KS Buddies will be providing them with free materials and resources to supplement the program.





A Growth Mindset

Positive Attitudes