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Inspired by Kids, Made by Parents.

I have a passion for the latest research in self-development. As a result, I acquired a tremendous amount of knowledge, and I have had wonderful experiences thus far. Like most other parents, I knew in my heart, that I wanted my children to live a happy and healthy life. This was the beginning of my journey to teach my children how to feel good.


OH-KS’ programs and tools are based on the latest scientific research in programming your child’s brain for success by targeting areas such as:





A Growth Mindset

Positive Attitudes

Our Products

Power Up Your Magic

Power Up Your Magic is a fun and interactive program that the whole family can enjoy. This program comes in a 3 book set, which includes:

– Power Up Your Magic
– Power Up Your Magic The Ultimate Tool Guide
– Power Up Your Magic The Grown-Up Guide

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Meet Your OH-KS Buddies

OH-KS created a one-of-a-kind program, that utilizes unique loveable characters that will guide your child’s magical journey.

FREE Power Ups

At OH-KS we too are parents, and therefore pledge to provide you with continuous ongoing support. You will receive free supplemental tools as part of your email subscription, and you will have access to the OH-KS online community.

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