OH-KS Buddies

We hope that you are excited about this magical journey of discovering the magic inside you as much as we are! 

Hi, I am Brain Energy, but you can call me Brain-E. I am super excited to become one of your OH-KS Buddies, and go on this magical journey with you. I love listening to music, affirmations, meditations, and podcasts. I also enjoy learning and trying new things!

Hello! I am Mind Energy, or Mind-E for short, which is what all my friends call me! I can’t wait to be your OH-KS Buddy on your magical journey. I love to be creative. I enjoy drawing, reading, writing, and using my imagination!

Hey! I am Heart-Energy. Everyone knows me as Heart-E. I am absolutely pumped to be joining you on this magical journey, as one of your OH-KS Buddies! I love to fix and build things with my magical tools, but my favorite thing is to help my friends feel good!

Great to meet you! I am Great-Energy, but I go by Great-E. I cannot wait to be a part of your magical journey as one of your OH-KS Buddies! I always make time to be grateful. I am so grateful for nature, and I love playing outdoors!